San Jose Surf Soccer Club is committed to providing the community with a model of quality youth development, education, and inspiration through the sport. We are committed to:

  • Providing quality coaching that engages, challenges and inspires young athletes, regardless of previous experience, to reach their highest level in the sport of soccer

  • Fulfilling civic responsibility by actively participating in community partnerships and activities

  • Encouraging and providing support allowing our athletes to achieve academic success

  • Providing a pathway for all young soccer players who wish to participate, allowing them to reach their full potential through identification, education, and competition

  • Creating an environment where young soccer players build character through the development of important life skills such as time management, responsibility, resilience, sportsmanship, work ethic and teamwork

  • Providing a structure and environment where winning is important but player development is paramount

  • Providing our membership with a high level of customer service that ensures a quality experience

  • Building an environment that facilitates the growth of the sport of soccer and fosters a love of the game